Professional conditions

The show jumping courses, halls and stables at the x-bionic® equestrian sphere offer everything you and your horse need for a satisfying ride, but also a well-deserved rest.


Parameters of the arenas

  • 3 sand arenas

  • 3 grass arenas

  • Total area of the arenas – 52,929 m2

  • The main tribune (at the largest grass arena) with an area of 16,800 m2

  • Farrier´s Arena (the largest sand arena) with an area of 9,900 m2


Indoor riding halls

  • 2 horse riding halls with a capacity of 500 seats

  • 3 grass arenas

  • Total area of arenas – 52,929 m2

  • Smaller training hall with an area of 3200 m2

  • Larger hall for holding competitions with an area of 3680 m2



  • 440 summer stables

  • 198 winter stables

  • 45 club stables

All campers would be able to visit HORSE RIDING COMPETITION

depends on schedule.

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